Monday, 25 June 2012

Review: Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick

I got this lipstick for my birthday from my friend Emily and I just had to do a review on it, it's lovely! This is in the colour 789 Bellissima, and in the bullet it looks like quick a dark, bitten berry red but when it's applied it's a really nice true, bright pink! It doesn't pick up very well in photo's though I have to say, it comes up very dark and reddish, but in person it's a very hot pink! In fact, I'm actually going to use someone elses photo to show you exactly what the colour is like, seeing as I just can't quite capture it!
This image is from THIS BLOG
You can see how different it looks to my images, I'm sorry about that. But at least you now know the lengths I will go to try to show you the exact colour of a product!

The formula of this lipstick is just incredible, so creamy and smooth and just glides on like a dream! It's also so pigmented and quite moisturising, and doesn't accentuate any dry patches at all which I love seeing as I always seem to have dry lips! Wear time is average but I'd imagine sufficiently longer if you're not eating and drinking and I haven't noticed that the colour bleeds at all.

To be honest, it's everything you'd expect from a Dior Lipstick, including the price tag - this cost £24 but the formula and how luxurious they feel make them so worth it! In fact, doing this post has reminded 
me that I really need to get some more!

Monday, 18 June 2012

OOTN - Prom!

I put this one in so you can see my make up and jewellery more clearly 

What's prom without a cheesey photo of waaay too many people lined up in front of a hummer stretch limo?
I tried to put in the best photos to show you what I wore, I actually didn't take too many photos because I got ready in a bit of a rush which was quite annoying but oh well. I went with a black dress because I know there's a massive tendency with proms for everyone in a friend group to look a bit like a packet of skittles, which isn't the most attractive looking thing in the world. But at the same time the dress isn't too boring because of the sparkle, who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? It was such a lovely night, though needless to say my feet killed by the end of it, and the day after.. haha!

Dress - Lipsy
Shoes - Aldo
Clutch - Armani Exchange
Earrings - Ippolita
Necklace - Tiffany & Co.

And my make up..
Primer - Daniel Sandler Retexturising primer
Concealer - Lancome Long Lasting Softening Concealer
Foundation - Clarins Everlasting (but don't wear this.. SPF = Flashback)
Blush - Clinique Powder Blush in 101 Aglow
Liquid Eyeliner - Rimmel Flash Eyeliner Pen
Highlighter - YSL Touche Éclat
Lips - YSL Glossy Stain in 16 Pourpre Preview
Mascara - Dior New Look Mascara

Also, just by the way, my laptop is broken beyond comprehension (which I'm raging about, a 1 and a half year old macbook pro that has never been dropped or anything should NOT be breaking in my opinion) so I can't blog very often or easily. Luckily I do have a couple of posts already written that I can post over the next few weeks and I can use my Mum's computer but ugh this is so typical! I'm about to finish my exams and have the freedom to blog to my hearts content and my laptop has to completely conk out on me. I'm going to stop ranting now before I get so angry I do a Jenna Marbles and punch a wall or something. 

P.S. I promise I'm not just making excuses. This has really upset me :( 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Review: Clarins Everlasting Foundation

Clarins Everlasting Foundation in shade 107 swatch.

Oookay, here's this bloomin' foundation review I keep wittering on about, I've tried to make it as unboring as possible!

I'll start by saying that I've been using this foundation for at least 6 weeks, so I've come to a really solid conclusion of it, and I do think it's really good.

I'm not the kind of person to buy any old foundation, I've got really sensitive skin so I tend to veer towards foundations that come from brands that are also known for really great skincare, like Clinique and Clarins. I also like to do a lot of research before buying a product, although for this one, I'd already been researching so many, and was pretty bored by the time I came across this one. My previous foundation was reaching dangerously low levels as well, so I kind of panicked and bought this one. And I'm so glad I did!

On the website it's said to be a long lasting (15 hours), full coverage foundation with a matte finish for normal, dry, combination or oily skin types. It is definitely very full coverage, it covers imperfections and uneven skin tone so well! So much so that you really can't wear a full face of this without blush or bronzer or you just look a little bit dead... I also agree with the claim that it is a matte finish, it's very matte which is what I like. It like to apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it goes on so evenly and not streaky at all! I haven't worn it for 15 hours though, personally I don't like to wear makeup for that long, but if that's what you need then I'd definitely say it lasted well for the longest time I had it on, which was about 7 hours shall we say? Although by that point I had started to see some blemishes peeking through, so I'm not sure if the full coverage lasts 15 hours. The SPF of 15 is also a plus though, but beware of flashback and don't make the mistake of wearing it to prom like I stupidly did...

The other thing I will say is that it does tend to cling to dry patches quite badly, so I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin at all. It also does oxidise a little bit, not enough to advise you to buy a whole shade lighter, but if you are undecided on which shade to buy, I'd definitely sway to the lighter shade. But obviously take a couple of testers if you're really unsure!

Finally I love love love the packaging, it's just a bigger form of the packaging I raved about in my recent review of the Clarins Instant Light Blush - so simple yet sleek. However, the massive (and heavy) glass bottle isn't the most travel-friendly thing in the world shall I say... It's probably best to be left at home, sat looking pretty on your dressing table.

It costs £24 (or 179dhs in the UAE), which I think is quite reasonable for a really full coverage foundation. I'd really recommend it for oily skin due to the matte finish, but definitely steer clear if you have dry skin!

Sorry if that was too boring, I'll be doing my Prom OOTN soon so keep your eyes peeled x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Just a Ramble

Hi everyone, going to be a bit of a different post today. To tell you the truth, I have about 6 review-type posts planned out and I do really want to do them, but I just haven't been feeling very motivated. Also, for those of you that aren't aware, I'm in year 11, hence I'm about to dive headfirst into a month of grueling exams, which, coincidentally, start tomorrow. This is part of the reason I've sat down to write this today: procrastination.

I've just finished writing a biiiig long post about a foundation I've been trying out recently, but, I wasn't really happy with it. It seemed a bit boring and I wasn't 100% proud of it. And I like to be proud of my posts, I like to share with you something I've worked hard on and that I want my readers to see. I will post it at some point, granted with a few tweaks, but for my first post that I've done in a really long time (my last one was on the 22nd of April - naughty Harriet!) I thought I owed it to you, and kind of myself, to do something that wasn't so... routine shall we say.

Sooo, I'm just going to chat to you, about my life, about big things and about small things. If these are the kind of posts that bore you, well, I urge you to exit this page now because this is a long-un, but if you're procrastinating from revision too, this might just be right up your street.

I'm on exam leave at the moment, yet I still woke myself up at half 7. Why? So that I could get some revision done. But no, instead I feel like absolute crap because I seem to have come down with some sort of flu/cold/cough/some awful disease that really couldn't have come at a worse time and I just want to crawl back into bed and snooze for the rest of the day. Obviously I can't. I really haven't done much in the way of revision at all, I have somewhat of a short attention span and if I'm honest, I just would rather do something more interesting with my time. Again, obviously I can't, seeing as everyone bangs on about how important GCSEs are, and "you won't get into university without good GCSE grades" blah blah bloody blah. I think this is a complete and total exaggeration. Yes they are important, I won't deny that, and I do want to do well on them, but really, they're not the most important thing in the world, I'm not going to become a homeless beggar on the streets if I get less than a B and there are always universities that take students who aren't perhaps Cambridge standard, obviously! Or about 90% of students wouldn't get into a university!

This brings me onto another topic: pressure. My school puts such a huge amount of pressure on us all. It's not that it's a particularly posh school, it's just well, to put it in simple terms, it's full of expats who's parents have good jobs therefore their kids want good jobs and basically, everyone in my school wants to do well, bar a small minority. It's been this way for a long time, so GCSE and AS/A2 results are high. To give you an idea of the standard of cleverness in my year in particular, the people in set 5 maths are still predicted A's. I think that's ridiculous, great for them of course, but still a bit mind-boggling. I don't think I'm going to reach my predicted grades to be fair. They're a bit too ambitious and I don't think the teachers should but setting these kinds of predicted grades that frankly, just seem unreachable.

Hmm, this appears to have turned into a bit of a rant. That's enough ranting for one day. I don't know whether to end this post now or carry on with something a bit more cheerful. I'm going to do the latter, it's better to focus on the positive things in life, isn't it.

Well, where do I start? It's hard to just sit down and try and put your current life into words. Well, I'll try. I'm about to leave Abu Dhabi to move back to sunny old England! Yes, a lot of you may think I'm mental but I've been in this superficial city for almost 8 years, and quite frankly, that's more than enough for my liking. I was actually just driving back from my boyfriends house yesterday, and looking at everything. That sounds weird, let me explain. 8 years ago, half this city wasn't built. 50 years ago or whatever, none of this city was built. Nada. It was a desert. I'm sorry, but that's entirely crazy. This country has managed to put into 50 years what other countries did in maybe 200 years. Therefore this country makes no sense, everything is still being figured out. This city feels, for want of a better word, disjointed. Nothing really fits. It's bizarre. Buildings are constantly being torn down and re-built, cats are seen as vermin and all the bad things that happen here are hidden from the outside world to give a kind of illusion and false idea of this country. You really don't know it until you've lived here. On the other hand I love it. I've met so many people from such a range of different countries and I am going to miss it here when I go, mainly because of my friends, and my family. Yeah, I'm going to be, er, leaving home? In about 5 weeks I'm going to have a family spread out over literally, the whole world.

Allow me to explain. All my family live in England, apart from one set of relatives that live in Australia. I live here, with my parents and brother. My sister lives in England. My Dad is about to move to America with his fiancé and my brother, my Mum is going to stay here and I am going to move back to England. So, my family is going to be spread out over 4 of the 6 continents. I think there's 6? I haven't done geography in a long time, please correct me if I'm wrong. Either way, that's a lot of distance and a lot of airmiles! Free flights anyone?

I am excited to move back though, to a country where there's actually method and a somewhat lack of madness compared to the UAE. I'm going to be starting at a new school, which is daunting. I'm going to be living in a garage with my boyfriend (a converted one, don't worry) and I'm finally going to have access to the huge amount of things that I haven't had access to in almost 8 years i.e a lot of makeup brands, food brands, nice bread, cheap coffee, good television and cheap clothes. Yay!

I've also just decided to go on a healthy eating kick, again. I've been on countless, and my diet does consist of majoritily healthy food (is that even a word?). I cut out fast food a long time ago, but during the past few weeks whilst I've been revising etc, I haven't been doing any exercise, aaaand I've put on a lot of weight because of it. I'm going to go to the gym soon I think.

Okay, I think that's enough. I'm sorry if half of that didn't make sense, or the flow of all that information didn't really fit together, but I'm just sitting on the sofa, in my pyjamas, writing my thoughts to the internet. What a weird life I lead. So basically, everything there is just my train of thought, and sometimes my thoughts get jumbled, in fact they often do. I'm going to go back and proof-read everything, but I won't change it too much, just general spelling and grammatical errors. It'll feel more personal if I leave the structure (or lack thereof) how it is.

Um, I'll go now. Hopefully to revise, but realistically, probably to watch youtube videos, as I've somewhat become accustomed to recently. Turrah!

P.S. Let me know if you liked this post. If no one's interested I won't do one again, because essentially, I want the people reading what I write to enjoy it.

P.P.S. What's a blog post without a picture? This is one of most of ma best buds ;) before my prom. Most dysfunctional group of friends ever. I'll do a full post on what I wore soon, and explain why it was so early. Although, I don't think it will be for a while, I'm sorry but exams and revision beckon!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Review: Clarins Instant Light Blush

Clarins Instant Light Blush - 02 Coral Tonic

I just want to start off by saying I absolutely adore this blush! It's a liquid formula that gives the most natural healthy glow to the cheeks and reflects light/highlights them really well as it has a little bit of iridescence and shimmer in it, so you don't really need to use a separate highlighter when you wear it.

The packaging of this product is great, simple and minimalistic whilst not sacrificing the importance of aesthetics - I love the glass bottle and gold lid. It's perfect in my eyes. The applicator perfect too actually, it's a doe-foot applicator that's soft and applies as much or as little product as you like, simply dot it onto your cheeks and blend with your finger, you don't need a brush at all. It's so easy to apply.

Staying power is also great, longer than I expected. I'd probably say it lasts around 5 or 6 hours before you need to reapply.

The price I think is also fairly reasonable, £19 for 7ml. I'm not sure how long this amount will last, as you do need quite a few dabs of the product to achieve a noticeable colour on the cheeks, but I still think this product is worth it. It comes in another 2 shades as well, a rosy pink and a brown-ish bronze. I love this one so much I might have to indulge in the pretty looking pink one too!

All-in-all, I think this is a great product, perfect for the summer and spring and I can definitely see myself using the whole thing up!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

17th Birthday Haul!

I'm really sorry this has taken so long to do, I've been so busy with godforsaken coursework deadlines. I can't wait until exams are over and I can just relax! And also before I start I just want to say that this is in no way bragging, I explained in a recent post why I wanted to do one and asked people if they actually wanted to see it, with the response being yes. I know people can get funny about these so if you're not going to like it, don't read it and please keep any nasty comments to yourself. With that out of the way, HAUL!

Well that was a lot of pictures... A couple of things I actually bought for myself with birthday money (the bag and shoes) and the sunglasses were actually kind of like a little present to myself, is that sad?

So the things I got were:
I will do more in-depth reviews on the beauty products very soon! And I have loads of posts planned, I just need to find the time to sit down and do them but bloody coursework keeps getting in the way, and soon exams will be too, starting this week actually, I have my art exam and my French DELF exam which I'm dreading. Wish me luck, I'll need it! 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

OOTN - 12th April 2012

Yes I know that second image is blurry but I didn't have time to take pictures for this post before I went out so I had to take them after I got back. My hair and makeup did look better than this before I went out, promise! Please also bear in mind that I'd just eaten a massive birthday (late) meal and had quite possibly the biggest food baby in the world, so I was finding it increasingly difficult to take any nice pictures so I'm afraid these will have to suffice.

Dress - Zara
Shoes - Carvela 
Bag - Zara
Belt - My friends wardrobe, sorry!

Necklace - Tiffany & Co.
Bracelet - Swarovski
Ring - A gift, sorryyy
Earrings - Pierre Cardin

Lips - MAC Tendertone in Purring
Eyes - Bobbi Brown Pastel Palette (I'll be featuring this more in-depth in my upcoming birthday haul post)
Blush - Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush